SOL-50 In-Roof

The SOL-50 In-Roof System has been designed especially for roof integrated installations on pitched roofs. The rain safe sub-construction replaces completely the conventional roof cladding and is especially for new buildings or roof restructurings an intelligent possibility to save costs.

Installing the SOL-50 In-Roof System consisting of roof trapezoidal profiles and the generator field a rain safe and easy installation is guaranteed. The modules can be installed either portrait or landscape. Coversheets and special form sheets represent stylishly and shapely the connection as well as the lateral completion between the roof pan tiles and the SOL-50 In-Roof system. The ventilation grilles ensure a good air space of the solar modules and corrosion resisting materials guaranty a nearly undisturbed operating time of the solar installation. Profile screens and end caps additionally care for a harmonious frame optic. Furthermore the system offers a controlled cable lay by cable nets as well as functional theft prevention by module locks.

The most important installation steps:

1. stick the eave flashing, mount the trapezoidal sheet
2. fix the cover sheets
3. clamp the corrosion protection, bolt the horizontal profiles
4. install the cable nets
5. lay the cable conduction set and DC cabling
6. interconnect the solar modules
7. fix the module protections 
8. fix profile screens, end caps and the air clamp profiles


SOL-50 In-Roof Mounting System