SOL-50 On-Roof

SOL-50 is a universal mounting system for photovoltaic installations up to a frame height of 50 mm of framed solar modules. The system installed in a criss cross connection is suitable for almost all kind of roof installations and offers not only an aesthetic advantage. The installation in a criss cross connection offers compared to usual on-roof systems advantages which simplify already the planning of a solar installation: the restrictions resulting of the roof substructure do not come to bear and the quantity of crossing points to the roof sub-construction can be reduced to a minimum as the forces acting on the generator field are divided on the vertical profiles. 

The SOL-50 On-Roof System can be installed either on rafter or on purlin roofs in all wind and snow load zones according to DIN 1055. Over the fixing elements roof uneven nesses up to 60 mm can be compensated. The larger distance to the roof cladding due to the SOL-50 vertical profile enables a good air space behind the modules – in the summer time this cares for higher efficiency degrees of the PV plant. On trapezoidal roofs optionally the more cost-efficient and quicker direct installation can be chosen, i. e. the horizontal profiles are directly bolted into the high bead of the trapezoidal profile. With the optional components, like cable net and the cable conduction net the SOL-50 On-Roof System offers a significant overvalue regarding safety and durability.

The most important installation steps:

1. mount roof hooks
2. bolt vertical profiles on the roof hook vertical attachment
3. bolt horizontal profiles on vertical profiles
4. install the cable net
5. lay the cable conduction set and DC cable
6. interconnect solar modules
7. install the module protection
8. attach profile screens and end caps


SOL-50 pantiled roof

SEN SOL-50 Einlegesystem Pfanne schöne Photovoltaik

SOL-50 plain tile roof

SEN SOL-50 Einlegesystem Biberschwanz schöne Photovoltaik

SOL-50 slate roof 

SEN SOL-50 Einlegesystem Schiefer schöne Photovoltaik


SOL-50 corrugated roof

SEN SOL-50 Einlegesystem Welle schöne Photovoltaik

SOL-50 trapezoidal roof (cross tied)

SEN SOL-50 Einlegesystem Trapez schöne Photovoltaik


SOL-50 trapezoidal roof (single layer)

SEN SOL-50 Einlegesystem Trapez schöne Photovoltaik


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