SOL-50 Mounting System

Unbeatable aesthetical optic due to homogeneous module field and the “SOL-50 framework”

SOL-50 is an inserted system, no module clamps are installed, breakage of glass caused by expansion or micro fissure in the cells are minimized
SOL-50 solar installations are individually tailor-made for your project by means of our planning tool SOLDraft with all necessary static details
more energy profits due to easily slipping snow during the winter
Integrated theft prevention and anti-slip device of the solar modules
Durability of the connections and electric cables by innovative cable conduction according to VDE
Optimized flow characteristics, minimized Wind and whistle noise due to the closed module field and adapted profile completion
Installation also in island and coastal areas possible (wind load zone 4)
more than 17 years worldwide with more than 80.000 successful system installations
Security by certification of the German Technical Board, 10 years system guarantee, static according to Eurocode 1
Winner of mounting tests tested by the DGS Berlin photovoltaic 10/2013 and pv magazine 03/2014
the CE certification documented, that SOL-50 is corresponds to current technical standards / safety requirements of the EU