SOL-50 customized solutions

The SOL-50 Mounting System can meet almost all requirements. Particular attention is drawn to the design of single system components and constructional parts. Also here you will benefit from the advantages of an inserted system during the installation. The perfectly compatible parts enable a quick and cost efficient installation. All SOL-50 parts are regularly examined in our premises taking into consideration the valid DIN-norms and are adjusted to the actual technical level. The application of corrosion resistant materials like aluminium and stainless steel is the basis for a long durability of the plant.

SOL-50 Facade System

The SOL-50 Facade System connects functional system advantages of the SOL-50 On-Roof System with the demands of trendsetting building’s architecture. Similar to the SOL-50 On-Roof System the profiles are mounted to the facade with the existing base plate and the vertical attachment. Thus the SOL-50 Facade System may either stand as a building envelope itself or is integrated into the existing facade. The straight-lined completion of the SOL-50 Facade System from the top and from the bottom rounds up the aesthetic general view. 

SEN SOL-50 Einlegesystem Fassade schöne Photovoltaik

SOL-50 Canopy System

The SOL-50 Canopy System does not only provide you reliably and safely with electricity but offers additional possibilities of use like the protection against climatic influences and sun screening. It is furthermore a unique design element for innovative and modern entrance roofing, balcony roofing, solar sunblind as well as show case roof and façade mounting. The frame construction and the wall construction are delivered pre-assembled and enable thus a short and uncomplicated installation of canopy solution.

SEN SOL-50 Einlegesystem Vordach schöne Photovoltaik