SOL-50 Carport System

The carport is the classic protection, electricity station and a single small power plant for the electricity feed-into the own household or public network. The SOL-50 solar carport is nearly unlimitedly expandable. It can be built up as a single, double or group carport and if desired with storage room. 

The solar modules are mounted with the SOL-50 mounting system directly on the timber beams. Shape alu profile screens and an integrated rain gutter care for a harmonious optic. The gaps between the modules are closed by seals. Optionally the wooden construction is available in white color primed. The SOL-50 System is available in all RAL-colors.

100% safety

The SOL-50 solar carport has a guarantee of 10 years (except the wooden construction). The mounting system is VDE examined and certified by the German Technical Board. Corrosion resisting materials are used. 

100% technic

The solar carport consists of the pre-assembled premium construction kit for solar modules up to 50 mm frame height. The wood comes from organic farming no toxicological materials have been applied. 

100% performance

Due to the inserted technic the carport is quickly mounted. Maintenance and service works are easier. The solar modules are optimally back-ventilated and guarantee considerably higher profits

100% aesthetic

The SOL-50 mounting system is available in all RAL colors. The aluminium is powder coated and thus extremely weatherproof. Furthermore the solar carport is optimized against dirt and depositions.


SEN SOL-50 Solar Carport Opel Ampera Elektroauto Holz Doppelglas
SOL-50 double carport (Opel Ampera) 


SEN SOL-50 Solar-Carport Holz Doppelglas
The carport construction is made of weather proof timber. Therefore it is very durable with a high resistance against humidity.


SEN SOL-50 Solar-Carport Holz Doppelglas
Looking through the SOL-50 solar carport roof.