As a craft business and especially installation company in the photovoltaic branch you are more than ever in a gap between the end customer, whole sale, technical development, price calculation, energy politic, subvention, complaints, marketing activities, internal workshops and last but not least the professional installation on site. In these sophisticated times it is even more important to rely on a strong partner in all business fields. This includes quick response time, excellent credit ranking, uncomplicated order processing as well as an open mind for customers’ requirements and market demands.

Your decision for the SEN group means a partner with more than 28 years experiences in the branch on which you can rely on at any time. Our demand is to provide quality in all fields and that does not only involve our mounting system SOL-50 but all SEN services and product fields.

SEN Solar PV Großhandel
Mr. Osmer, the founder of the company and his wife Jeannette Osmer

SEN-Solare Energiesysteme Nord GmbH has been founded in 1986 as an installation company for electro technics under the name Osmer Elektrotechnik. In 1990 in the scope of the 1000 roof program the first grid connected photovoltaic plant has been installed. Between 1990 and 2000 numerous projects have been realized in the range of building integration and special solutions. Particular photovoltaic projects are p. e. the ADAC building Hannover, Café Ambiente in Bremen and the “Hundertwasser” Station in Uelzen.


SEN Solar PV Großhandel
SEN Administration Department and Building (blue) - Wörpedorfer Ring 3

SOL-50 the SEN mounting system

Due to the years of experience SEN designed an own mounting system: SOL-50. SOL-50 is tested and certificated by the German Technical Board and covers the complete range of installation possibilities: on-roof, in-roof, flat roof, canopy, façade and ground mounting installations. Especially in the on-roof installation field SEN is specialized on different roof covers like pan-tile, corrugated, plain tiled and slate tiled installation.

SEN Solar PV Großhandel Lager
SEN transport and production center - Wörpedorfer Ring 46

SEN Solar PV Großhandel Lager
SEN stock PV-modules - Wörpedorfer Ring 46

premium-supplier for photovoltaic solutions

In 2006 the change of name to specialized whole sale SEN Solare Energiesysteme Nord and move of the head office to Grasberg took place. The new head office covers 6.000 m² productions, stock and office area as well as a large workshop center and show room area. As a fix contract partner of diverse known manufacturers like LG Electronics, REC, JASolar, Kostal, SolarEdge, Fronius, Junkers/Bosch and LG Chem. SEN offers to his partners quality products which cover together with the SOL-50 mounting system all components of a high quality and sustainable solar installation.

SEN Solar PV Großhandel Schulungszentrum
SEN show room / workshop center and sales department - Wörpedorfer Ring 11