SOL-50 is a vivid mounting system living from the practical mounting experience and technical innovation. We are steadily working on the innovation to make it more effective and safer. For this reason our research and development department under the auspices of Thomas Manske continuously develops the single components. Work-intensive load tests and admission procedures must be passed through to bring new components on the market. This demand for quality and safety is very important for us as there has been no system failure in the installation history of SOL-50. 


solar-blind modules and veneers by self-construction

Often roof windows, solar heat collectors, chimney and dormers are a considerable barrier for aesthetic and homogenous solar roofs. By installing the blind modules or veneers it is possible to re-construct a uniform general view without any problems. For a good weather resistance we recommend that the modules are made of Alu plates (0,8 - 3 mm) and the new SOL-50 black powder coated special profile for blind modules. Thus very easy professional ducts for gas pipes and antennas can be realized.


SOL-50 Maintenance Element

The SOL-50 maintenance element nearly eliminates these interferences. The maintenance element can be cut accurately, easily inserted and fixed with screws. The installer can choose optionally if he prefers the maintenance element pre-assembled or if he wants to order single components.

By inserting the maintenance element a much easier module installation, maintenance and cleaning results. Even long time after the installation maintenance and cleaning companies as well as chimney sweepers have an easy access to the roof. In order to keep the aesthetic impression of the SOL-50 Mounting System the maintenance element is powder coated. Thus, the risk of oxidation and pollution is minimized significantly. In case the module field is divided in several parts the SOL-50 maintenance element is a great bridge to create a homogenous module field. Unexpected low are the additional costs for the SOL-50 maintenance element.


SOL-50 assembly plate (05/2014)

SEN SOL-50 Einlegesystem Montageplatte schöne Photovoltaik

The installation of performance optimizer causes extra time of installation. The SOL-50 mounting plate makes the installation of performance optimizers and micro inverters cheaper. The additional instruments are installed in advance and are implemented into the existing mounting system. The market of these small instruments which shall increase the profit of solar installations considerably grows steadily. Many installers have recognized the advantages of these systems and offer them to their customers. With that installers cannot only equip partially shaded roofs completely with a solar plant but also those roofs which were not suitable for the installation of a photovoltaic installation as they had too many dormers or too much structural heterogeneity in order to plan the strings correctly. These problems can be solved by performance optimizers.

However the quantity of module manufacturers integrating those optimizers in their portfolio is small. But the performance optimizers work as additional instrument with almost all kind of modules. However the installation effort becomes extensive then. This should be reflected in the return of the installation. At this point we react with a new development. The additional equipment like micro inverters and performance optimizers are installed directly on the assembly plate. The installer only has to implement and bolt them into the SOL-50 mounting profile. The pre-assembly saves time and efforts on the roof and thus costs for the customer. The permanent safe and easy solution is optimal tailored to the SOL-50 mounting system.