flat-roof mounting system

The SOL-50 flat roof system is a penetration-free and low ballast flat roof system solution which has been designed especially for large hall roof tops with foils or bitumen sealing. The angle of the console is adjustable and the other construction parts are mostly delivered pre-assembled. The Soloflex construction allows a single assignment of solar modules whereas the Duoflex construction enables the double-sided assignment and therefore optimal exploitation of the roof surface and accordingly high profits. For both mounting systems only corrosion resisting materials are used. The robust sub-construction guarantees a long durability of the solar installation and thus high security of investment for the owners of the installation.

The most important steps of procedure:

1. establish SoloFlex construction with protection mats
2. bolt the horizontal profiles
3. attach ballast and cable nets
4. interconnect solar modules
5. install module protection
6. lay flat roof cable conduction and DC cable
7. attach profile screens and end caps
8. attach wind nets


SOL-50 flat roof mounting system Soloflex

SEN SOL-50 Einlegesystem Flachdach sicher schöne Photovoltaik


SOL-50 flat roof mounting system Duoflex

SEN SOL-50 Einlegesystem Flachdach sicher schöne Photovoltaik