SOL-50 mounting system

Decide yourself for the approved mounting system SEN SOL-50 which offers you quality, security and innovation for all roof and fa├žade areas.

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The rapid technical development is in all respects a challenge. With the SEN workshops are always up-to-date.

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SEN Produkte

New: SOL-50 mounting plate

SEN designs mounting solution for micro-inverters / power optimizer (p. e. SolarEdge or SMA). With this solution small intelligent boxes can be installed safely, quickly and cost efficiently.

SOL-50 Solar-Carport

The carport is the classic protection, electricity station and a single small power plant for the electricity feed, into the own household or public network. The SOL-50 Solar Carport is unlimitedly expandable.

Easy planning

No matter how large your project is, SOLDraft leads you to the successful result. Static calculation, string configuration, DC component selection and much more - SOLDraft makes it.

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